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Bart Vannieuwenhuyse

    Welcome to my redesigned site,

    After 5 years, it was high time to change the layout of the site, hope you like it. Of course, as before, nature observation has always had my strong interest. The best possible way of living the observation even stronger is by trying to capture the moment.The difference between watching and seeing is consciousness, making pictures enhances consciousness.

    Enjoy the pictures, please drop me a note to share your comments

    Kind Regards,

    De Soto park is famous for its herons - since I was all alone at the lagoon I took my time and very gradually walked into the water after a while, the herons must have looked at me as a fellow heron...a weird and big one for sure... but nevertheless, they were absolutely oblivious of my presence so that I could approach them to within a couple of meters, resulting in some very exciting photo opportunities, eg of this little blue heron